first electric car

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first electric car

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:08 pm

we always have alternative! don't we?


This car, originally made in 1974, is now equipped with a high resolution color video system, computerized alarm system, several high powered strobes, electronically controlled underbody neon & LED lighting, dual red laser light units and a high powered computer controlled green laser, remotely operated self contained smoke & fogging system, computerized multi-color LED graphic electronic sign, interior color changing neon system and a high powered digital self-contained music and wireless public address system with AM / FM / CD / MP3 playback.


They can go approx. 50 miles at speeds up to 40 MPH.

They were made from 1974-76 by the Vanguard car company in Sebring, FL.

They use 8 Trojan six volt lead-acid batteries that recharge in 6 hours from a regular 110 volt house outlet.

Four batteries are stored under the driver/passenger seat, four are located behind the front bumper.

It costs about a penny a mile to operate the car or thirty to forty cents to completely recharge after a days use.

It's heavy duty General Electric (GE) electric motor operates at 48 volts and can produce up to 6 HP.

It has drum brakes on all 4 wheels and weighs approx. 1350 lbs. with all the batteries, (850 lbs w/o batteries).

It has steel belted radial tires which are size 4.80 X 12

There were only approx. 2000 of these cars built.

The price of these cars when new was approx. $3500.00

Nampak hodoh tetapi telah menyumbang kepada kesejahteraan manusia Smile


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